The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is a best-selling book about entrepreneurship and business strategy. Its aim is to teach startup companies the principles of successful entrepreneurship and it does so in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner. The book applies Lean principles from manufacturing and engineering to the startup world. It also outlines strategies for business growth and success.

Main Topics about the Book

  • Building companies and creating products that customers want
  • Developing a successful business model
  • Allocating resources in the most effective way
  • Testing assumptions quickly and efficiently
  • Adapting quickly to ever-changing customer demands

Who Should Read This Book?

The Lean Startup is ideally suited to entrepreneurs, start-up founders and business executives who are looking to create successful companies and products. It is also useful for seasoned business professionals who want to optimize their own businesses.

Pros and Cons of the Book


  • The Lean Startup offers practical advice on how to validate assumptions, develop a successful business model and adapt to customer demands
  • The principles laid out in the book can be applied to different types of organizations, from startups to large companies
  • The writing style of the book is accessible and easy to understand


  • The book does not provide step-by-step instructions for implementing the principles mentioned
  • Some readers have criticized the book for being too focused on the Lean Startup movement

Final Opinion of the Book

The Lean Startup is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in learning about successful entrepreneurship and business strategy. Its practical advice and comprehensive approach makes it suitable for both novice and experienced business professionals. It offers a good balance of theory and practice and teaches useful principles that can be applied to different types of organizations.

Rate the Book

I would rate The Lean Startup by Eric Ries as 5/5 stars.

Price of the Book

The Lean Startup is available on Amazon for $14.39 in paperback and $9.99 in Kindle format.

Author’s Experience and Other Books Written by Author

Eric Ries is a well-known entrepreneur who has written several books on business and startup strategy. He is the founder of the Lean Companies consulting group and the creator of the Lean Startup movement. His other books include The Startup Way and The Leader’s Guide.

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